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Jase Ess scores 'Star Trek' for SAE Assignment

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

As part of my SAE Music and Audio Engineering course, we were given an assignment to create music for either a computer game clip, anime end credits or a score for a film trailer.

I immediately chose the film score as this is the kind of work I love to do, however this film trailer contained no audio, no sound FX, no dialogue - only instructions to use orchestral sounds with some electronic components, and other instructions on where to add intensity and dynamics.

Starting with this blank canvas, I wrote the music, added sound FX and sourced the dialogue to ensure a complete immersive experience.

This is the clip of my final submission. Would love you to take a look/listen - don't forget to turn the volume right up! Movie makers, directors and anyone else who is thinking of using orchestral music for their next production, hit me up! I have a great body of work across a range of genres and use an extensive range of professional tools to create these amazing soundscapes.

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