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'Rendezvous' by Two Tone Heart, out now!

The second single from Two Tone Heart is out now! Two Tone Heart is a collaborative project between Australian based music producers Andrew D and Jase Ess who met in 2020 while studying their Diploma of Music Industry at SAE Institute, Adelaide. After hitting it off straight away, they soon found they had a shared love for the golden era of music and wanted to pay homage to those sounds while creating fresh new vibes.

Andrew is a talented multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, drums and keyboard, and is the main composer of the Two Tone Heart sound. Andrew has spent time in the U.K. as a DJ and brings his wealth of knowledge and experience in playing and producing music to Two Tone Heart.

Jase brings the vocals, writes lyrics and composes any orchestral components to the music. Jase also writes music as a solo artist which covers Indie Pop, writes classical crossover compositions and has an affection for EDM, paying tribute to his early days as a club and radio DJ. Jase released his solo debut single and music video for ‘Blurry’ late 2022, and his EDM album 'Portals' in March 2023.

You can listen to Rendezvous via the links below:


Apple Music/iTunes:

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