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Jase Ess - Kummerspeck

I wrote and produced this track for an assignment while studying at SAE.

This assignment was about creating a track based on a studied genre and for this, I originally chose House. For me, House was my gateway to electronic music. It opened doors to sounds and other genres like Jungle that were worlds away from the songs of my religious families childhood, which I still love today but in reality, nothing got my feet moving quicker than House music.

I DJ’ed house, danced to it and I have so many memories of my friends all having an amazing time.

But that was then and this is now and I have found that while my fondness for the genre that started it off for me, my tastes have changed. My ears have matured and my preferences have evolved to where it became difficult for me to even start this assignment.

So I changed tactics. I decided to still pay homage to House using chords and percussive sounds that one would expect to hear from 90’s house, however with the parts of orchestras, ambience and elements of trance that only the genre Deep House could give.

I present to you, ‘Kummerspeck’

Kummerspeck is a German phase that has no literal translation however is made up of two words. ‘Kummer’ which means ‘Grief’ and ‘Speck’ which means ‘Bacon’ and in German, this means ‘excess weight gained from emotional overeating’.

This for me sums up isolation and is a nod to quarantine during Covid 19.

Please enjoy my Grief Bacon.

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